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Perfumes for men

You want a seductive fragrance for men!

Gentlemen, dare to step into the world of perfumes!
Choose the seductive ally that will evoke your style, support your natural aura and mark your appearance and presence.
How do you choose a men's perfume?
If perfume now occupies a prime place in men's daily grooming, it is because perfume is perceived as a real asset of confidence and elegance. He accompanies you in all situations, whether it's a romantic date or a business meeting, or a relaxing walk, an evening with friends or a meal with the family.
Whether you choose to change your scent from day to day or prefer a single scent to identify with, the goal is for your perfume to leave a pleasant mark anchored in memories. Each personality has its own olfactory notes that it prefers: strong, discreet, subtle, fresh, elegant, woody, spicy or sweet.
A men's perfume tailored to my personality?
Opt for a perfume extract if you want the intense aroma to envelop you all day, while it projects and develops from hour to hour.
Opt for an eau de parfum if you want a well-concentrated fragrance that lasts all day and spreads a pronounced trail.
Prefer a lighter, fresher flavor?
Opt for an eau de toilette, this is the most used internationally, because they are cooler and more suitable for the daily context.
Opt for an eau de cologne that will bring you liveliness with its very fresh notes. Once considered old-fashioned, today it returns with refreshing and very modern formulas.


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