The established regulation includes:

  • basic rules
  • general conditions
  • the start of the sales process through the online fixaix, specifying the terms and conditions of delivery Store with the provision of free electronic services.

1. Definitions

Business days are the days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
Delivery is a process that consists in delivering the products, specified in the order, to the customer through the intermediary of the distributor.
Distributor represents an entity through which the seller cooperates in the field of product deliveries.
a) courier company.
b) parcel pick-up points at the headquarters.
Password denotes a string of letters, numbers or other characters selected by the customer when registering in the online store, by creating an individual account.
Customer represents an entity to whom electronic services are provided or with whom a sales contract can be concluded in accordance with legal regulation and regulations.
Consumer represents a natural person who carries out a legal transaction with an entrepreneur, which is not directly related to his commercial or professional activity.
Customer Account - The set consisting of an e-mail address and a password that allows a single user access to restricted areas of a site, making access to services possible.
Entrepreneur represents an authorized natural person or a legal person who, individually or in association with other authorized natural or legal persons, organizes a commercial company in order to carry out acts and acts of trade with the aim of obtaining profit, by making tangible goods , respectively the provision of services, from their sale on the market, under competitive conditions.

Regulations include all the rules set out in this regulation!

  1. Registration represents a real action, carried out according to the instructions specified in the regulation, intended for customers to use all the functionalities of the online store. It is an electronic form made available by the seller in the store, which defines the data necessary to identify and register a person interested in having the status of a customer in the store and in the program, as well as the methods of direct contact.
  2. The seller represents any natural or legal person, acting in the framework of his commercial, industrial or production activity, private or liberal, which in accordance with the contractual conditions offers a wide range of products to the consumer. He is also the owner of the online store.
  3. The store's website constitutes an online platform, designed for rendering and displaying products, through the website
    The goods represent all the products presented by the seller through the website store, with the aim of being purchased by consumers.
  4. The sales contract constitutes an agreement concluded at a distance, based on the conditions specified in the regulation, between the customer and the seller.

2. General provisions and use of the online store

All rights to the online store, including copyright, ownership, ownership of the site, as well as forms, displayed logos (except logos and photos shown) belong to the seller, and their use can only take place in accordance with regulation and written consent of the seller.
The seller ensures the functionality of the online store in accordance with the customer's requirements, using all popular web browsers, operating systems, device types and high-quality Internet connections.
The data stored by the "cookie" files, used by the seller on the store's website, never reveal personal details on the basis of which an individual identity of the customer can be established. Cookies are used by websites or web applications to adjust the online experience. Each customer can disable the "cookies" mechanism, but it is indicated that disabling "cookies" may cause difficulties or prevent the use of the website.
To place an order in the online store, through the website and to benefit from the services available on the store website, the customer must have an e-mail account, active phone number, which is necessary in the case of delivery through the service of courier
It is forbidden for the customer to post inappropriate content and use the online store, the site or the free services in a manner contrary to the law.
The seller warns that the public nature of the Internet and the use of services offered electronically may involve the risk of obtaining and modifying confidential data by unauthorized persons, therefore, customers must use appropriate technical measures that minimize these risks.
The seller never asks the customer to reveal any form of password.

It is not allowed to use the resources and functions of the online store by the customer to carry out activities contrary to the interests of the seller.

3. Registration

  • Creating a customer account is done through a free registration.
  • Registration is not required to place an order in the online store.
    To register, the customer must complete the registration form, then send it electronically to the seller, selecting an appropriate function. During registration, the customer sets an individual password.
  • When completing the registration form, the customer has the opportunity to re-read the regulation, accepting its conditions.
  • The customer can give his consent for the processing of his personal data for the purpose of marketing the seller's products and services. He can grant and revoke consent using the tools provided in the account at any time.
  • In case of rejection of the agreement regarding the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, the customer can withdraw his consent at any time by sending an appropriate statement to the seller.
  • The declaration can be sent to the seller's address by e-mail.
    After sending the completed registration form, the Customer will receive the confirmation of registration from the Seller by e-mail without delay. At this moment, an agreement is concluded regarding the provision of the account service by electronic means, and the customer obtains access to the account free of charge, receiving the changes made during data registration.

4. Orders

The information entered on the store website does not constitute an offer by the seller within the meaning of the civil code, but only an invitation to customers to benefit from some services and conclude a sales contract.
The customer can place orders in the online store through the store's website, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. To place an order through the website, it is necessary for the customer to make a request indicating the products he is interested in.

The product is added by selecting the option and the relevant product presented on the store's website. After completing the entire order, by indicating the delivery method and the payment method, the customer places the order by sending a form to the seller, selecting the "Order and payment" option on the store's website.

Before sending the order, the customer is informed about the total price of the product and delivery, as well as all the additional costs that he is obliged to bear under the sales contract.
After registering the order, the customer receives an automatic confirmation reply by e-mail.
The confirmation includes: the specification of the products, their price, the cost of delivery and other information about the costs that the customer is obliged to pay in connection with the sales contract.

Placing an order consists in presenting an offer from the seller to the customer with the aim of concluding an agreement for the sale of the goods that are the subject of the order.
At the conclusion of the sales contract, the seller confirms his terms to the customer, via the specified e-mail address.

5. Payments

  • The prices of the products on the store website are shown in raw form and do not contain information about delivery and any other costs that the customer will be obliged to bear under the sales contract.
  • The buyer is informed about the methods of delivery and placing orders. 

The customer has the possibility to pay by several methods:

  • When placing the order via bank card.
  • Cash on delivery which ensures the customer's safety.
  • Payment in the cashier's office with verification
  • Payment by verified bank transfer.

6. Delivery

  • The seller makes the delivery on the territory of Romania.
  • The seller is obliged to deliver products without defects.
  • The seller indicates on the store's website the number of working days required for the delivery and execution of the order.
  • Delivery is made only on working days of the week, excluding public holidays.
  • The ordered goods are delivered to the customer via the distributor at the address indicated in the order form.
  • On the day the products are shipped, information confirming the delivery of the package is sent by the seller to the customer's email address.
  • The customer is obliged to examine the delivered parcel at the time and place of receipt, and in case the product does not reach its destination or is damaged, he has the right to ask the supplier to draw up a corresponding protocol.
  • Based on the contract, the seller can send a survey to the customer's email address to conduct the after-sales survey.
  • The survey is used to examine the customer's opinion of the transaction. The customer can fill in the questionnaire voluntarily.

7. Claims and Warranty

  • The seller is obliged to deliver the product to the customer free of physical or procedural defects.
  • According to the regulations of the civil code regarding the implied warranty, the seller is responsible to the customer when the product sold has physical or procedural defects.
  • If the product has a defect, the customer can:
  • a) to submit a price reduction declaration, and if this defect prevents the normal use of the product, it is replaced or the purchase is abandoned.
  • b) to request the replacement of the defective product with one without defects or opts for the removal of the defect through repair. The seller is obliged to replace the defective product with a quality one or to remove the defect within a reasonable time without causing inconvenience to the customer. Repair or replacement costs will be borne by the seller.
  • The customer who exercises his warranty rights is obliged to deliver the defective product to the seller's address, and if the customer is a consumer, the delivery cost is covered by the seller.
  • The consumer is assured that during the warranty period under normal conditions of use of the product, in the event of non-conformities, they will be removed primarily by repair or, as the case may be, by replacement, price reduction or return of the consideration, in accordance with the legislation .
  • Any complaint related to the product or the implementation of the sales contract can be sent in writing to the seller.
    Repair or replacement of the products will be made within a period of time, established by mutual agreement, in writing, between the seller and the consumer, taking into account the nature of the products and the reason for the lawsuit in question.
  • The established time period cannot exceed 3 calendar days from the date on which the buyer, as the case may be, informed the seller about the lack of conformity of the product or handed over the product to an authorized person on the basis of a hand-over document.
  • The customer can send a complaint electronically to the seller in relation to the quality of the products and services provided.
  • The complaint can be sent electronically to our electronic contact address or In the content of the complaint, the customer must include the causes of the problem.
  • The seller will consider the complaints, but not later than 14 days, and will give the customer an answer immediately.
  • The seller together with the contractors assume responsibility for the warranty.

8. Warranty

  1. Products sold may be covered by a manufacturer or supplier warranty.
  2. The guarantee can be of two types: commercial guarantee or legal guarantee, which assumes that the trader is held responsible for the non-conformity of the purchased product, and the customer can ask for the repair, replacement or counter value of the product.
  3. The warranty period is established in strict accordance with the legislation in force for a maximum of 2 years depending on the product purchased from the moment of product purchase.

If the product deteriorates within the first 3 months, it is assumed that the problem existed when you received it, unless the seller can prove otherwise. You are therefore entitled to repair or replace the product free of charge or, if this proves too difficult or expensive, to a price reduction or refund. However, you may need to prove that the problem existed when you received the product.

9. Withdrawal from the sales contract

  • The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons.
  • The withdrawal period from the sales contract will start from the moment the buyer placed the order until the moment it is picked up.
  • To exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer must inform about his decision, using an unequivocal statement, communicated by means of a call or sent in writing by e-mail to or to the addresses indicated in the section "Contact" of the website, a section that is an integral part of the present terms and conditions.

  • If the consumer has submitted a declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract before the seller accepts his offer, the offer is no longer binding.
  • The seller is obliged to return not later than 90 days from the date of receipt of the consumer's declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract, all payments made by him, including the cost of delivering the goods to the consumer. The seller may withhold reimbursement of payments received from the consumer until the goods are returned or the consumer provides proof of return of the goods, as applicable.
  • The consumer is obliged to return the goods to the seller immediately, but not later than 14 days from the date on which he withdrew from the sales contract.
    In case of withdrawal, the customer who is a consumer bears only the direct costs of returning the goods.
  • Goods cannot normally be returned by post only through authorized courier companies, the seller informs the consumer about the costs of returning the goods on the store's website.
  • The consumer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the product as a result of its use in a way that exceeds what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the good.
  • The seller will refund the payment using the same payment method used by the consumer, unless the consumer has expressly agreed to another method of return, which does not involve costs for him.
  • The right of withdrawal from the sales contract is not granted to the customer who is a consumer in relation to contracts where the goods are delivered in a sealed package, which cannot be returned after opening the package for reasons of health protection or hygiene, if the packaging has was opened after delivery.

10. Free Services

The seller offers the following free electronic services to customers:
a) Contact form;
b) Newsletter;
c) Customer Account;
d) Publication of opinions.
The services indicated above are offered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The seller reserves the right to modify the regulation in the event of a change in the provisions of the law or the improvement of the operation of the store, in particular by improving the existing tools in the store or by adding new tools and to protect the rights of the customer and prevent abuse.
The Contact Form service consists of sending a message to the seller, using the form placed on the store's website.
The Newsletter service can be used by any customer who enters their email address, using a registration form provided by the seller on the store's website. After submitting the completed registration form, the customer will receive an email address immediately entered in the registration form with an activation link, to confirm the subscription to the Newsletter. When the link is activated by the customer, an agreement is concluded for the provision of the electronic Newsletter service.
Newsletter is an electronic e-mail distribution service provided by the seller in the store, which allows all its users to automatically receive from the seller the following editions of the newsletter containing information about the seller, products, news and promotions from store.
Each newsletter addressed to customers contains: information about the sender, a completed "subject" field, specifying the content of the shipment and information about the possibility and method of withdrawal from the newsletter service.
The customer can opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time by unsubscribing via the link sent in each email as part of the newsletter service or by activating the relevant field in the customer account.
The customer account service is available after registration and consists of sending a panel within the website giving the customer the opportunity to modify the data he provided during registration, as well as to track the status of the order and the history of already completed orders.
The customer who has registered can ask the seller to delete the customer account, and it can be deleted within 14 days of submitting the request.
The publication of opinion option consists in the possibility for customers who have a customer account to publish on the website of the store individual and objective opinions regarding the quality of the products.
The cancellation of the opinion service is possible at any time and consists of the termination of the publication by the customer of the individual content on the store website.
The seller has the right to block access to the customer account and free services, for security reasons, in case of: violation by the customer of the security of the site or other hacker activities. The seller will notify the customer about the blocking of access to the customer account and free services, by electronic means, to the address provided by the customer in the registration form.

11. Customer's Responsibility for Placing Individual Content on the Site

  • By posting reviews on the online store website, the customer voluntarily shares content. The seller does not respond to the publications posted by customers, because this function is not included in his activity.
  • The seller is responsible for the content placed by customers, reporting their violations.
  • It is forbidden for the Customer to post on the online store website any content that could:
    a) to be placed with the purpose of violating the personal rights of other consumers;
    b) violate the rights related to protection, industrial property, commercial secret or confidentiality obligations;
    c) use uncensored and offensive language towards other consumers;
    d) to oppose the interests of the seller.
  • The customer is obliged to use the store in accordance with the applicable law, the provisions of this regulation, in particular not to provide illegal content, violate generally accepted social norms or cause business interruption or system overload on the store website.
    The seller reserves the right to modify or remove the content posted by customers, in case it may constitute a violation of the regulation or the applicable law.

12. Reporting Violations

If the customer or another entity finds that the content published on the store's website does not respect his personal, moral rights, being in opposition to the regulation, he can report a possible violation to the seller.
Seller resolves any violations by taking immediate steps to remove offensive or inappropriate content.
You can find the protection of personal data in the article here:


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