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Perfumes for women

The aromas that suit you in a perfume for women!

The best-selling women's perfumes of 2023!
Categories of perfumes for women:
From the point of view of oil concentration, the main categories are:
1.Eau de cologne (EDT) Generally marketed as a spray and contains between 2-5% aromatic compounds diluted in alcohol.
2. Eau de toilette (EDT) is perhaps the most popular category, it contains between 5-15% aromatic compounds diluted in alcohol.
3. Eau de Parfum (EDP) It is a long-lasting essence with a content between 15-20% aromatic compounds diluted in alcohol.
4. The perfume extract is the most persistent of the perfumes with the highest concentration between 15-25% aromatic compounds diluted in alcohol.
5. Perfume oil - this is the strongest essence with a concentration between 15-40% being also called pure perfumes.
The dilution of perfumes is made in oils and does not contain alcohol.
Glamorous, seductive, romantic, mysterious, avant-garde, sparkling, natural, classic..?
Every woman is unique through her perfume!
The olfactory signature accompanies us and accompanies our presence. We walk you through the world's most timeless, iconic or daring women's fragrance brands to help you find the fragrances that resonate with you!
A woman considers her perfume as much a way to stand out, a way of expression, a real invisible advantage - as a comforting aura. We certainly know how difficult it is to choose a suitable fragrance when it is not a recurring one in our collection. We are currently developing the descriptions of each women's fragrance so that the defining characteristics as well as the important notes are present.


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