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Eyebrows - the frame of the girl!

Eyebrows define the contour and expressiveness of your face, therefore it is necessary to always have the most beautiful and well-defined eyebrows.
It has always been known that in addition to the protective role they have on the eyes, they can describe a woman's personality, depending on their natural shape or the way they are designed!
Before starting the entire sanding and maintenance process, you must make sure that you have the most professional tools, in order to obtain a flawless result.
Skin preparation:
For an easy and pain-free brushing, it is recommended that before starting, it is ideal to remove make-up from your eyebrows, to remove any impurities, and then to apply a moisturizing cream to soften the skin.
Eyebrow makeup:
When mother nature didn't endow you with rich and thick eyebrows, you have to find the most convenient method to fill the gaps. The most accessible alternative is make-up, the use of a blush, pencil or gel for eyebrows, with the help of which you will be able to say "goodbye" to gaps and provide definition and a perfect contour.
Advice:Try to use a more natural approach, don't apply too much blush and don't press on the pencil. For a more durable result, we recommend you dye your eyebrows with a special dye.


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