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Waterproof cosmetics

What do you need to know about waterproof makeup?

Waterproof make-up products are gaining popularity these days, being the most resistant variant in the context of daily stress and agitation. A product of this kind will always be appreciated by active people who are always on the run, because they want long resistance throughout the day. They are also preferred by people who are faced with excess sebum and for whom the transfer of mascara on the movable eyelid, the migration of foundation are daily problems.
In the summer, everyone goes to the beach or the pool, and women try to look good even here. Make-up artist Mirela Vescan tells us everything we need to know about waterproof make-up. "This type of make-up is useful in any season, as long as there is a possibility that the skin will come into contact with water, in one way or another. In this season, like the monsoon, water-resistant make-up is indispensable. On social networks the fashion for 'selfie' photos is developing, which, of course, also requires ubiquitous make-up, on the street, on the beach or at the pool".
Make-up artist Mirela Vescan explains that there is only one type of foundation that is not water-resistant, namely that type of professional product made on a water basis, which can only be found in specific portfolios for professional make-up. "For the rest, all types of foundation that can be found in commerce and that can be removed with cleansing milk, face soap or micellar water are water resistant. Moreover, water has the 'gift' of fixing the foundation on the skin, that's why there are also those sprays with thermal water, useful for fixing the make-up", added the make-up artist.
Thanks to new technologies, mascaras, eye pencils, and lip products have been developed that resist transfer extremely well, even in contact with water or in humid conditions.

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