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Glow make-up

Glowy makeup

This type of makeup is very popular with people who prefer a natural, glamorous and minimalist look. Most of the time, it is the perfect choice when we want a healthy glow and want to look fresh out of the box, still fresh but also elegant, with an overflowing natural beauty.
Get ready to shine!
Start with the beginning, using a quality primer, of which you apply a thin layer to the entire face. Thus you prepare the skin for the application of a foundation and prolong its persistence. For a beautiful and smooth complexion, try the make-up base, with a smoothing effect, which minimizes the imperfections of the face and blends beautifully with the foundation!
Immediately after that, it's the turn of the foundation. Choose one that is resistant to all challenges, does not erase or flow. It is, quite simply, a partner you can rely on. You can apply the foundation with a wet sponge, with a brush or with your fingers - it's up to you. Don't forget that the sense of application is from the center of the face to the edges. In addition, it can be perfectly layered, so start with a smaller amount, to which you can add to cover local imperfections.
Glitter eyeshadows in action!
The main star of the evening will be, of course, you, but also the glitter eyeshadows!
With which shades from the palette will you create the perfect sparkling makeup?
We chose a combination of bronze and gold. The lighter shade is taken on the finger or with a brush and spread over the entire movable eyelid. For a luminous effect, apply the light shade also to the inner corner of the eye. Extend and fade the same shade along the entire line from the eyelid to the eyebrows, for a smooth and natural transition. Then, with a round brush, apply a dark shadow on the outer corner, up to ¼ of the eyelid and in the crease-this way you beautifully deepen the look.
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