Accumulated loyalty points

Accumulated loyalty points!

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are the coins of the store world, which you earn after each order and which you can use for future purchases. It is given to any user who has an active account on fixaix, immediately after the first order registered on the related account. These are small thanks from us, offered out of love, for the trust placed in us.

Create an account ❯ Order your favorite products ❯ Receive loyalty points

How does it work?
Each order placed with us, from an active account, comes with a number of loyalty points related to its final amount. The value of the points awarded represents 1% of the total value. Thus, 100 loyalty points represent 1 LEU. Because the numbers seem to get lost in the stories, we leave you an example below.

An order of 100 LEI will receive 10 loyalty points, the value of which on is 1 LEU. The points will be active in the account 3 days after the delivery of the order and can be viewed in the "Loyalty Points" section of "My Account" along with the rest of the loyalty points accumulated over time. They can be used to pay in full or in part for orders and can be added by entering the number of points you want to use in the dedicated section of the shopping cart page.

What are the conditions of use?
Can be combined with other promotions or discounts;
Also awarded to orders whose payments were made using points;
They cannot be used to pay transport fees;
They do not have an expiration date;
They are not transferable from one account to another;
It is canceled within 10 days in the case of orders returned or canceled by the customer;
I include VAT.

We do everything we can to create a pleasant experience in your online shopping!

Go shopping with confidence!

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